Quality Assurance        

KBI Recruits and maintains highly qualified and motivated personnel who strive for continuous improvement. Through strategically laid out training programs, all the layers of the organization are engaged in enhancing their managerial and technical skills. Well documented procedures provide excellent guidelines to carry out regular operational activities. Emphasis is put on "Building Quality through Prevention of Non-Conformance" or in other words "Do it right the first time". The ultimate aim is to comply with requirements of Customers and win their complete satisfaction.


P.T. Karunia Berca Indonesia is totally committed to deliver quality design integrated steel structures, fabrication, galvanizing and painting services which meet the requirement of our customer and continually improve KBI's market reputation by implementing the following line policies :

  • Organization : Creating balanced & self driven organization;
  • Customer Approach : Establishing regular & true communication channels;
  • Advanced Technology : Employing advanced technology & full proven techniques;
  • Self Assessment : Encouraging at departmental and individual level;
  • Human Resources : Guarding and enhancing company's most valuable asset.